Hello, world

Hi, I’m Bonnie. Elsewhere on the internet, you can find me as @trikanto on Instagram and Ravelry.

I wanted a place to keep track of my various crafty projects. I can’t promise to post regularly, or at all! But I’m hoping to get into the habit.

I started knitting sometime around 2015, and I learned to sew in 2018. Since then I’ve been having a great time with both hobbies. I’m slowly inching towards a me-made wardrobe. How else will I get a closet full of ridiculous colors and prints?


Cardigan: hand knit by me; Timber pattern in Hudson Valley Moodna yarn. Octopus tee: Renfrew pattern from Sewaholic, in a Birch Organics knit fabric I purchased at Brooklyn General. Skirt: Hollyburn pattern with fabric from Mood. Shirt with patch pocket: RTW.

Let’s get this show on the road.