How is it already February?

I’m having trouble believing that it’s February already. The weather isn’t helping. It’s been bouncing between freezing-cold and unseasonably-warm.


I’ve got my knitting mojo back in a really serious way. In January I managed to:

  • finish three (!) hats, basically none of which fit me. I keep making my hats too big. Good thing I like slouchy hats??
  • make good progress on my new cardigan

On the other hand, I basically did no sewing. I bought some fabric. I tried and failed to finish a dress before becoming utterly demotivated. I learned more about my serger and am trying out a rotary cutter. But it’s been a slow month. Partly that’s due to high pain levels – it’s easier to cuddle up on my couch with some knitting than it is to sit at a machine.

For February, my crafting goals are:

  • finish knitting through skein 1 of my sweater
  • finish at least 1 sewing project
  • finish at least 1 Burda magazine project (!) because I got a subscription

Let’s see how it goes.

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