2019: Sewing Intentions

I’m calling these “intentions” and not resolutions because, well, I don’t think it’s a good fit.

Right now, my sewing practice is still very much in the new-shiny-obsession stage. If I have downtime, and the spare mental energy, chances are that I’ll be sewing. My knitting was on a hiatus for a little while, but I’ve been getting back into the groove of it. I suspect that 2019 will be a transitional year for me, as I figure out what a sustainable rate-of-sewing looks like in my life.

I don’t have any specific projects or patterns that I want to make next year. No #MakeNine. But here are some themes.


I want to take on at least a couple of challenging projects that stretch my sewing skills. I’m curious about a lot of things that seem like Big Projects: jeans, jackets, button-downs, coats.

I want to try drafting my own pattern, and I am curious about learning to drape. There are also just a lot of techniques and construction methods that I haven’t tried at all (inserting invisible zippers! different kinds of pleats and tucks! burrito yokes!). And oh, the fabrics…I’ve never sewn with silk, linen, leather, lace.

Because there’s so much out there, I’m planning on letting myself wander and pick up new projects as inspiration strikes. 🙂


I have two new tools that I want to learn how to use: my rotary cutter and my serger. I think this will come naturally with time. I also really need to reorganize my room and invest in better storage for my sewing notions…but that’s pretty much always true.

Basically, I want to give myself space & time to invest in learning how to use my new and existing tools well. There’s something really satisfying about being able to sit down and get shit done because you understand the things you’re working with.

Lifestyle / Wardrobe

Right now, my wardrobe doesn’t really match my life in two major ways.

First, I don’t really know what I like to wear during the summer months. Summer in New York is hot, and humid, and I have to quickly transition from stuffy subways to overly-conditioned office spaces. Yuck. My body has changed a lot, and I have trouble finding RTW summer clothing that fits, and as a result I don’t even know what I like to wear. I want to make a concerted effort at figuring this out.

Secondly, I need more workout clothing – especially for lyra/aerial hoop. I think this could be a fun opportunity to sew with some loud, outrageous fabrics, and also to experiment with styles that I would normally never wear. For example, I’ve worn both crop-tops and open-backed tops to circus classes, and – it felt great! even though I’ve never done that in “normal life” before. I have a vague desire to perform at some point in the next year, and it would be fun to make part of my outfit for that, maybe?

So. Sewing will only answer part of this equation, but I think it could be a fun way to address some of this.


More than anything else, I want 2019 to be a time when I can experiment with my crafting. I want to keep materials and tools on hand that are inspiring to me. I want to craft when I feel inspired/energized, and to feel guilt-free about my crafting practice. I want to try new techniques and leave room for old hobbies that I love, too.

So what do I want to sew…?

Here’s what I’m daydreaming about right now:

  • cozy plaid flannel shirts
  • colorful cotton shorts for summer
  • a leather jacket
  • a colorful, dramatic wool coat
  • lyra outfits
  • bras ??? with matching fabric to my wardrobe, a la fourpatch?
  • ….

Honestly, as soon as I start daydreaming, the list gets pretty long. We’ll see what happens next…!

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